Welcome to Our New Site

(still in progress but coming soon!)

Thank you for visiting our new site. It's been a long wait - and we are excited for a more streamlined and accessible hub. For everything. 

This is still a website in progress as our tech team works to upload all the content! Whilst our team looks at rebuilding the website, we'll make sure that academic resources and other most requested features come online first. Look out for a calendar for all UMMSS and external group events too! They will be up online soon.

If you have any suggestions or feedback for the website please contact us at tech@ummss.org.au. If you have a general UMMSS query and would just like to get in contact with us then do not hesitate to contact us at secretary@ummss.org.au! 


The University of Melbourne Medical Students’ Society (UMMSS) is the peak representative body for medical students at the University of Melbourne.

We represent our students to the Melbourne Medical School, as well as other external organisations. We also organise many events, activities and provide academic and pastoral support for our members.


Here's a glimpse at some of the things we get up to! 

Med Building.jpg