Affiliated Groups




Medfem is a med fam for women. Our aims are bold but important: Use feminist theory to change the culture of medicine for the better for all genders, address gender inequality in the field, and offer a different approach to women’s health education.

Medical Emergency Students’ Society (MESS)

MESS is a student group dedicated to fostering a passion for all things emergency medicine in medical students throughout Victoria.


Medleys the Med Revue is the longest running revue on campus. Each year, a group of (mostly) medical students puts on a show, part sketch comedy and part musical, all written and performed by the cast.

Melbourne University Medics Paediatric Society (MUMPS)

MUMPS is a paediatric special interest group dedicated to fostering a passion for paediatrics for all students at the Melbourne Medical School.

The Surgical Students’ Society of Melbourne (SSSM)

SSSM is run by medical students with a passion for surgery and anatomy. Our society endeavours to foster the interest of medical students in surgery by providing educational and research opportunities, and to represent aspiring surgeons in establishing professional links with surgeons and surgical societies.


SYNAPSE connects students and professionals in the fields of neuroscience, neurology, neurosurgery and psychiatry.