Clinical School Cup



1st:  THe Epworth Tigers (3545)
2nd:  THe Northern Wolves (2715)
3rd:  the Austin Alpacas (1922)
4th:  the RMH Quokkas (1853)
5th:  the Rural COWs (1673)
6th:  the MD1 MEERKATS (1624)
7th:  the St Vincents scorpions (1396)
8th:   the Western Cherubs (1327)


These are the points as of 6/7/18


The Clinical School Cup is an UMMSS initiative commencing in 2018. We hope to improve the wellbeing of our students by creating a competition between the clinical school teams who will compete for points which will be awarded for several different things.

This includes participating in Futsal, Netball, Carnival Day, 5km Scrub Run, Vampire Cup, Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea, Blue Week, the MDSC Clinical School Cup, Peer Tutoring, Peer Mentoring, Medleys, UMMSS Orchestra etc.

We are excited to announce our teams as:

The MD1 Meerkats
The Rural Cows
The Epworth Tigers
The Northern Wolves
The Austin Alpacas
The St Vincents Scorpions
The Western Cherubs
The Royal Melbourne Quokkas

With the help of a SSAF grant from the University of Melbourne we will be providing glorious prizes for the winning team, and scrub tops in the colours of the teams for the first 600 participants in several of our activities, and a fantastic trophy!!


Check back regularly for updates on the leader board.