UMMSS Exec Team of 2019


President - Andy Griffith 

The President is the leader of UMMSS. They act as the official spokesperson for the society and are responsible for the overseeing the management and direction of UMMSS. They sit on a number of external committees with the Medical School and external bodies such as Medical Student Council of Victoria (MSCV), the Australian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA) National Council and AMA Victoria Council.

Vice-President External - Phil Lew 

The VPE overseas everything external to the committee, with key roles in representation and advocacy. They act as the interface between students and the Medical School by representing the student body on a number of Medical School committees, which make decisions regarding all facets of student life from curriculum, exams (!!!!), and student wellbeing. The VPE also manages some of UMMSS’ core programs (Peer Tutoring, Peer Mentoring, AMSA, Global Health Collective, and Orchestra) and facilitates the relationships between UMMSS and its affiliated student groups. In short, the VPE is your main contact for all student feedback and external group enquiries!

Vice-President Internal - Lisa Huang

The VPI is responsible for managing all internal operations of the UMMSS Committee. They chair all Committee meetings, and directly oversee the planning, implementation and outcome of all activities and the overall progress of each Committee portfolio. They are the Committee’s first port of call for all issues relating to individual portfolios and have a major role in providing direction, guidance and support to the Committee throughout the year.

Secretary - Justin Lee

The Secretary is the organisational powerhouse behind UMMSS. They write the minutes for all committee and executive meetings, handle all of UMMSS’ public documents, keep track of our membership database, coordinate room bookings and receive external enquiries.

Treasurer - Richard Yan

The Treasurer oversees all the financial operations of UMMSS and assists with formulation of budgets, payment of invoices and processing reimbursement requests. They submit reports to multiple external bodies, including the Australian Taxation Office and Consumer Affairs Victoria. While they have a limited public role within UMMSS, they are crucial to the running of the society.

Events Officer - Georgia Dimopoulos 

The Events Officer is responsible for overseeing all of the key elements of the UMMSS Events Calendar, such as the Grand Medical Ball, MedCamp, PFAs, Graduation Dinners and End of Exams Celebrations. They also act as an advisory body to assist other portfolios in running other smaller-scale UMMSS events to ensure that the event runs smoothly. Such events include social events, academic events, casual and formal events, cohort-wide and clinical school site-specific events.

Community and Wellbeing Officer - Sally Chen

The CWO is responsible for running events that improve the feeling of connectedness and community spirit within UMMSS, as well as monitoring and advocating for the mental health of the students and running events that improve wellbeing, whether it be physical or mental. They are also responsible for overseeing the Clinical School Cup competition.

Sponsorship Officers - Lee Graham and Jelyn Thong

The Sponsorship Officers are the money makers of UMMSS; they are responsible for coordinating sponsors to support the various activities and initiatives that UMMSS runs for students across all four-year levels. Their key roles include:

  • Compiling the annual Sponsorship Prospectus 

  • Communicating and maintaining relationships with sponsors 

  • Write and sign sponsorship contracts, including member benefits 

  • Obtain feedback from current sponsors to form recommendations for following years

  • Liaise with event organisers to ensure that all sponsorship obligations are met

  • Handle enquiries from current and potential Association sponsors 

  • Organising the Pre-Internship Advice Seminar

  • If there is a specific sponsor you would like to contact or you have any ideas about sponsorship, let us know and we can facilitate it


Lisa Huang, Vice President Internal

MD3, Western Clinical School


Justin Lee, Secretary

MD3, Austin Clinical School


Richard Yan, Treasurer

MD2, Austin Clinical School


Georgia Dimopoulos, Events officer

MD4, St Vincent’s Clinical School

43641353_2155009751418092_7616615704745213952_o (1)-2.jpg

Sally Chen, Community and Wellbeing Officer

MD2, Austin Clinical School


Jelyn Thong, Sponsorship Officer

MD2, Royal Melbourne Hospital

42953178_2148372572070291_7877931191595171840_o (3).jpg

Lee Graham, Sponsorship Officer

MD2, Rural Clinical School