UMMSS Committee of 2019



President - Andy Griffith 
Vice-President External - Phil Lew 
Vice-President Internal - Lisa Huang
Secretary - Justin Lee
Treasurer - Richard Yan
Events Officer - Georgia Dimopoulos 
Community and Wellbeing Officer - Sally Chen
Sponsorship Officers - Lee Graham and Jelyn Thong


Preclinical Vice President - Jas Singh
Preclinical Vice President - Emily Sun
Education Officer - Wendy Zhao
International Officer - Evangeline Yang
Publications & Promotions - Erene Sakabetis
Publications & Promotions - Sanlin Fisher
Technical Officer - Tianchi Ren
Technical Officer - Ryan Lim-Yip
Junior AMSA Representative - Jacqui Jiang
Global Health Collective Chair - Audilia Sujana
Global Health Collective Chair - Chelsea Xu

St Vincents CVP - Becky Zhong
St Vincents Third Year Rep - Tarika Chowdhary
St Vincents Final Year Rep - Thivagar Yogaparan

Epworth CVP - Grace Newman
Epworth Third Year Rep - Isabelle Conroy
Epworth Final Year Rep - Jennifer Xu

RMH CVP - Christine Jun
RMH Third Year Rep - Su Lee
RMH Final Year Rep - Stephanie Quah

Austin CVP - Monique Fernandez
Austin Third Year Rep - Alexis Reedy
Austin Final Year Rep - Lucy Kennedy

Northern CVP - Becky Pearce
Northern Third Year Rep - Janis Wong
Northern Final Year Rep - Jess Wagstaff

Western CVP - Audilia Sujana
Western Third Year Rep - Andrea Park
Western Final Year Rep - Juliette Jeffreys

Rural Co-CVP - Claire Demeo
Rural Co-CVP - George He
Rural Final Year Rep - Anna Wang

Peer Tutoring - Winston Dzau
Peer Mentoring - Abbie Kanagarajah

Grand Medical Ball Convenor - Lucy Kennedy
Grand Medical Ball Convenor - Leah Sleaby
Chief Yearbook Editor - Caitlin Kennedy

Orchestra Chair - Shannen D'Mello